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People say that when you see someone in a dream, they actually don’t have a face, or at least you brain doesn’t recognize it like that. Your brain just chooses to see that special person’s face as that face. It means you probably care about them alot

I do care about him a lot and I though of him before I fell asleep so that’s probably why I had a dream about him.

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my little sister sleeps with a box of cheez-its next to her pillow and i always thought it was because she’s lazy and likes to have it for convenient snacking but last night she told me it’s because she likes seeing it first thing when she wakes up to remind her there’s good in the world




how weird is the thought that some of the biggest days of our lives haven’t even happened yet


isn’t it weird that we pay money to see other human beings?


Tragic love story: two boys fall in love and can’t be together because they both wanna bottom


the worst part of summer is when the back to school commercials come on


kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world. no matter what you look like.


How is sponge bob a sponge if everyone in his family are chocolate chip cookies


do u ever have that default username that you always use and if a site already has it taken youre like . speechless


i really want to make ‘cool beans’ a thing again